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My Jerusalem Cross Tattoo

Healed pics to come.

My Jerusalem Cross Tattoo

This cross is known as the Jerusalem Cross or the Crusader's Cross because it first appeared on the coat-of-arms of Godfrey of Bouillon, the first ruler of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. He was one of the leaders of the first Crusade. He was named King of Jerusalem in 1099 after Christians regained the Holy Land.

The central cross is made of four tau (T) crosses representing the Old Testament law. The four smaller Greek crosses represent the fulfillment of the law in the four gospels of Christ that have spread to the four corners of the earth. Altogether, the five crosses represent the five wounds of Christ on the cross (hands, feet and side).

Many Christians who participated in the Crusades tattooed themselves with a cross on the wrists or hands to show that they wished to be buried as Christians (in the event they died in battle).

My tattoo is at the top; my brother-in-law's tattoo is below. We got them done at the same time. Both were inked by Matt at Fat Cat Tattoo in Aurora, Ontario. Both tattoos are on the inside of the right arm, just above the wrist.